The Green Lab

What if you could collect a sample from an animal, bring it back to camp, and be looking at the entirety of its genome by the same time the next day? Well, we think you can at the Green Lab. We are proud to collaborate with Field Projects International and the Inkaterra Association in the creation of the Amazon’s first in-situ molecular genetics field laboratory that can go from sample to sequence in just 24 hours.

The lab is located at the Inkaterra Guides Field Station, about an hour downriver from Puerto Maldonado on the Madre de Dios River in southeastern Peru. The Green Lab is set to launch in July 2018 with the following capabilities:

Biological sample preparation and storage, including but not limited to hair, nail, blood, faeces, serum, tissues and urine.


Kit-based DNA extraction from faeces, hair, blood (FTA cards), nail, and other tissues.


PCR-based DNA amplification with primers of your choice. We can procure these for you.


Agarose gel electrophoresis for presence/absence screening. Real-time visualisation and photography of gel results.


DNA quantification using fluorometer assays with a Quantiflor system.


Real-time portable genetic sequencing with ultra-long read lengths using MinION technology. Multiplexing possible.


Access the laboratory to perform analyses yourself, or leave it to our on-site experts.


Export of samples to an external provider for short turnaround Sanger sequencing


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