Winter field courses


screenshot-2016-10-03-12-08-03Several of our research team alumni are involved in teaching field courses in Peru and India this winter.

Liz Maciag, a research assistant alumn from 2011, will be teaching mammalogy with a focus on primatology in Peru. Tim Paine, long-time board member and veteran instructor will be co-teaching a module on herpetology in Peru. Ben Lybarger, a former research assistant, will be the lead TA on this course. For more details or to apply, please see here.

Lab PI Dr. Watsa and senior researcher Gideon Erkenswick will be teaching a course on primates and predators in the Western Ghats of India. They are joined by 2012 research assistant KC Hill, who is an expert on carnivore ecology and training to be a wildlife veterinarian today. For more details or to apply, please see here.

For a full listing of course offerings by FPI, please see here.

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