Can you #Genomicsinthejungle?

In the late summer of 2018, I had the very great pleasure of conducting the first ever field course on genomics in the Amazon rainforest. We used rugged, field-friendly technology based at the Green Lab at IGFS in Peru, and Oxford Nanopore’s tiny sequencer – the MinION – to get from sample to sequence in a remarkably short period of time.

In total, we ran four experiments focused on 16s metagenomics, 18s metagenomics, ddRADSeq digests, and DNA barcoding. Our samples ranged from everything from primates to batflies, spanning all major terrestrial taxonomic orders. We worked with feces, blood, whole ectoparasites, and other insects, and plant samples.

The resulting publications will be co-written by all the students in this field course. See below, for a summary of one of the most rewarding teaching experiences of my lifetime.

I will be teaching this course again – once in India this winter, and again in Peru in the summer of 2019. Please see here for details!

(If the imagery below doesn’t display in your browser, click the link to explore).

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